If you wish to contact a board member or advisor directly, send an email to info_a_t_seattleix.net and they will respond.

Board of Directors: (odd numbered seats expire odd numbered years, even numbered seats expire even numbered years)

Seat 1: Erica Hughes Ehnert, Limelight, 2015-
Seat 2: Matthew Moyle-Croft, Oracle, 2015-
Seat 3: Nikos Mouat, WBL Services, 2001-
Seat 4: Walt Wollny, Hurricane Electric, 2016-
Seat 5: John van Oppen, Campus Colo / Wholesail Networks, 2019-


President - Nikos Mouat, WBL Services, 2003-
Vice President - Matthew Moyle-Croft, Oracle, 2016-
Secretary/Treasurer - Chris Caputo, Altopia, 2001-

Technical Advisory Committee & Board Observers:

Chris Caputo, Altopia
Troy Davis
Scott Ehnert, Moz
Patrick W. Gilmore, Addrex
Jared Reimer, Cascadeo
Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House

Operations: (folks on the pager)

Chris Caputo, Altopia
Erica Ehnert, Limelight
Scott Ehnert, Moz
Nikos Mouat, WBL Services
Steve Perry, Noel Communications


Garth Brown, Technical Advisory Committee & Board Observer 2001-2007
Chris Caputo, Board of Directors 2001-2012
Troy Davis, Board of Directors 2006-2012
Scott Ehnert, Board of Directors 2012-2015, Vice President 2014-2015
Patrick W. Gilmore, Board of Directors 2008-2019
Nick Guy, Board of Directors 2012-2016, Vice President 2013-2014 & 2015-2016, Technical Advisory Committee & Board Observer 2008-2012
Jared Reimer, Board of Directors 2001-2012, Vice President 2003-2012, President 2001-2003
Michael K. Smith, Board of Directors 2012-2015, Vice President 2012-2013, Technical Advisory Committee & Board Observer 2008-2012
Semaphore Corporation, Operations 2002-2007

Past Board Elections:

2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019