The bylaws of the Seattle Internet Exchange specify:

  • Director seats are numbered. Even numbered seats are open in even numbered years, and odd numbered seats in odd numbered years. Open seats may also be caused by vacancy.
  • In an election, the highest vote count receivers assume the longest term seats.
  • Ties are decided by random means by the Secretary in the presence of the meeting attendees.
  • Unless a Director dies, resigns or is removed, he or she shall hold office until the annual meeting the year his or her term expires, or until his or her successor is elected, whichever is later.

On April 28th, 2016 during the annual member meeting, the membership will elect Directors by secret ballot.

Since there are 2 seats up for election, each ASN/member may submit one ballot with a vote for up to 2 candidates.

The following schedule applies to Board elections:

  • Until February 27th, 2016: Receive questions to be sent to all Board candidates. Submit your questions to info _a_t_
  • February 28th, 2016: Questionnaire dispatched to Board candidates.
  • March 28th, 2016: Answers from candidates due. This date is also the cut-off point for being on the ballot. Write-ins only after this date.
  • March 29th, 2016: Ballots, with candidate answers, submitted to the membership. Votes can be submitted via email to Secretary or at annual meeting. Voting to happen from this point until when voting closes during the annual meeting. In cases of multiple votes from an ASN, latest vote is tallied.

Ballots will also be distributed at the meeting, but members not attending in person may email the Secretary your proxy votes at ccaputo _a_t_ before 3:30pm Pacific on April 28th. (ballot below)

The current slate of candidates for 2016 are:

Josh Breeds / ServedBy the Net, LLC

Q: Please describe your experience with the SIX and/or IXPs in general.

A: Since 2012, I have had the pleasure of being part of the SIX, representing ServedBy the Net, LLC (AS53837). As a SIX member-representative, I have actively participated in discussions & policy development during each of the annual SIX member meetings. In the same time, I have been the manager of ServedBy, a Seattle-based cloud infrastructure company, which I started in 2011. Alongside this, I have been an advocate and public speaker - primarily discussing the hybrid cloud ecosystem - a network ecosystem of technology, telco, and facility based Internet Services Providers. This experience has coupled with managing multiple global ASNs; allowing me to interact with several Internet eXchange Points (IXPs), both public & private. My exposure has given me fluency in IXP policies and technical experience with alternate exchange technologies (and types) which exist outside of the SIX. In total, I bring business & networking experience coupled with an understanding of the diverse current & future needs that exist for each SIX member.

Q: Why do you want to serve on the SIX Board of Directors?

A: The SIX is an integral part of the internet ecosystem with a great importance both to the region and to the internet as a whole - literally "bringing the internet together." Given this importance, I would like to serve on the SIX Board of Directors so that I can offer time and energy, wherever possible, to support the SIX as the largest Internet Exchange in the Pacific NW. With 10 years of experience serving on the board of multiple member-driven 501(c) organizations, both regional and national, I look forward to supporting the member-driven policy on which the SIX is built.

Q: What are the challenges facing the SIX and what ideas do you have for meeting them?

A: The greatest challenge facing the SIX is the potential adaptation of policy, procedure, and costs to match the pooled needs of SIX members of all sizes without inadvertently excluding any of the individual members' needs. Realizing this is not a new challenge - the growth of the SIX in members, extensions, traffic volume, and importance will likely necessitate change. The importance of this challenge is that as new policy is developed the needs (and particularly the internal business justifications) of each member must be carefully considered (through fostered community discussions) to ensure the diversity of the SIX continues into the future.

Matthew Moyle-Croft / Amazon Web Services

Q: Please describe your experience with the SIX and/or IXPs in general.

A: I have been involved in the Internet industry since 1994 and was involved in various organisations in Australia from around that time. Since 2005 I've been involved in IXPs across Australia, North America, Europe and Asia as a customer and participant/member. Since starting at Amazon in I've been involved with the SIX as a member. At my day job I'm responsible for, amongst other things, our connectivity to more than 45 IXPs globally.

Q: Why do you want to serve on the SIX Board of Directors?

A: Working for a Seattle based company I have an interested in ensuring the vibrancy of the interconnect market in the Pacific Northwest. I feel that my day job gives me an insight into the risks and opportunities for the SIX and IXPs in general as well as helping the SIX board chart a path forward as the interconnect market evolves.

Q: What are the challenges facing the SIX and what ideas do you have for meeting them?

A: The internet interconnect market is becoming a far more demanding place for IXPs. The SIX has a very focused and lean model that has served it and its members well. The challenge is how to evolve that model in the most appropriate way such that the SIX retains its core values as a member focused, connectivity focused organization but still remains relevant to the interconnect market in the Pacific Northwest as that market changes.

Walt Wollny / Hurricane Electric

Q: Please describe your experience with the SIX and/or IXPs in general.

A: I have been deeply involved with IXPs from 1998 and have been involved with the SIX starting in 2001 I was at Microsoft helping the exchange grow by providing resources for the SIX and blowing out ports as part of the Windows updates for 10 year. Now that I am at Hurricane Electric we do help smaller ISPs understand the value of participating in peering exchanges. We are also the first network to now pass 128 IXPs. I am personally excited to have the opportunity to help any new member with my technical support while getting connected to the SIX.

Q: Why do you want to serve on the SIX Board of Directors?

A: I have experience from the smallest regional networks to the largest in the world including Microsoft, Amazon and today Hurricane Electric. With this experience I can truly represent the SIX members while serving on the board.

Q: What are the challenges facing the SIX and what ideas do you have for meeting them?

A: As of now I am unaware of any challenges that are facing the SIX. As they do come up I have the experience from my 18 years working with IXPs that I am sure that with the help of the community that we can come up with viable solutions. My personal desire is to see every member with an open peering policy to get fully meshed. This will further help the SIX grow and show its value as the only true nonprofit IXP in the world.

The opening of voting will be announced during the annual membership meeting. Once voting starts, no further proxies will be accepted via email.

Once all ballots are collected at the meeting, voting will close and the secretary will tally votes and announce the new Board of Directors.


SIX Board of Directors Election 2016 Ballot

Please refer to:

for short biographies of the candidates for the SIX Board of Directors.

Email your completed ballot to ccaputo _a_t_ before 3:30pm on April
28th, or vote on paper at the meeting.

________ ASN (one ballot per member ASN)

You may vote for up to 2 of the following candidates for the SIX Board of
Directors. Put an X next to up to 2 of the below candidates. (* == incumbent)

____ Josh Breeds
     (representing member ServedBy the Net, LLC/AS53837)

____ Matthew Moyle-Croft*
     (representing member Amazon Web Services/AS16509)

____ Walt Wollny
     (representing member Hurricane Electric/AS6939)

____ write-in: _____________________________

____ write-in: _____________________________