The SIX Core switches are located at KOMO Plaza, Sabey Intergate, and the Westin Building.

The KOMO Plaza uplink is 1x10G while the Sabey Intergate uplink is 2x10G.

If you would like to colocate at these facilities, some of the possibilities are listed below.

There are also a number of extensions connected to the SIX Core fabric. The participants web page indicates how each peer is connected. We recommend that you connect directly to the SIX Core, as described here, if able.

Connecting to the SIX

Port fees for the SIX Core:

  • GigE:
    • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate & Westin Building: One-time $100.
    • Guideline on second GigE port is that if peak usage is less than 50% of present GigE capacity there is a one-time $500 port fee, otherwise one-time $100. Additional ports are each one-time $3,000.
  • 10GbE:
    • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate (see note below): First 10GbE port is a one-time $200, while second 10GbE port is a one-time $3,000. The second 10GbE port is available for redundancy purposes only. For bandwidth needs exceeding 10GbE, networks must connect at the Westin Building.
    • Westin Building: One-time $3,000.
  • 40GbE:
    • Westin Building: One-time $8,000 plus QSFP optic provided by member.
  • 100GbE:
    • Westin Building: One-time $16,000 plus QSFP optic provided by member. As an option, the SIX can provide the optic at no-markup - presently $6,000 for 100G LRL4 (2km) and $7,500 for 100G LR4 (10km).¬† LRL4 and LR4 are interoperable.
  • Upgrades: Generally an upgrade will involve a new LOA since fibers are pre-wired to specific switches/ports capable of specific speeds.
  • Trade-ins of ports 10GbE or greater, at existing fee, can optionally be used as credit toward larger circuits (but not toward optic). Example: Trade-in of two 10GbE ports could be used to reduce 100GbE fee from $16,000 to $10,000.
  • MRC option: For port fees that are a one-time $3,000 or higher, we provide an MRC (Monthly Recurring Charge) payment option for those organizations who prefer a lower initial payment and/or want to additionally support the SIX. 10 month minimum commitment with monthly fee at 12% of one-time port fee. At member request, invoicing beyond the 10th month is available to those members who wish to contribute to the SIX.
    • 10GbE: $360/month, 40GbE: $960/month, 100GbE: $1,920/month
  • Port fee is determined by pricing current on the date of LOA issuance or port configuration by SIX admins, whichever is earliest.
  • The SIX mailing address is:
    • Seattle Internet Exchange
    • 1700 7th Ave Ste 116 PMB #400
    • Seattle, WA 98101-1323
  • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate: There is a higher probability of a recurring fee at non-Westin locations as bandwidth use grows and additional transport needs to be acquired. Present capacity is detailed on our topology page.
  • Payment can be via check to the above or via PayPal ( If PayPal please add 3-4% as needed to cover the PayPal fees. We can also invoice and provide wire-transfer details.
  • If you decide to give additional money, you will be recognized on the contributors page for your added donation. The SIX exists because of donations.

Port fees for extensions are determined by the extension operators. Contact them for details.

Establish your link to the SIX Core or one of the extensions:

  • Circuit to the SIX Core at KOMO Plaza, Sabey Intergate, or the Westin Building:
    1. Send an e-mail to indicating your interest in connecting at KOMO Plaza, Sabey Intergate, or the Westin Building, your carrier/provider/colo, and specify whether the circuit will be GigE or 10GbE. Also let us know if you will participate on the 9000-byte MTU VLAN and thus require a tagged port.
    2. We will confirm pricing with you and issue an invoice and/or LOA as appropriate.
    3. You or your colocation provider may then run a cross-connect to the SIX panel.
    4. We will send instructions describing test procedures followed by address allocation.
  • Circuit when using one of the extensions:
    1. Due to the way in which each additional extension operates, you will need to contact the operator of the extension you are interested in.
    2. Send an e-mail to indicating which extension you have chosen. We will work with the extension and will send instructions describing test procedures followed by address allocation. Also let us know if you will participate on the 9000-byte MTU VLAN and thus require a tagged port. (At present only the Layer42 extension is capable of this.)

While waiting for your circuit, please review the router configuration advice here. Configure your router and SIX-facing interface accordingly. Also be sure to create or update a account.

After you are connected and have your router configured with the IP addresses, you are encouraged to contact the current participants about peering.

Don't forget to read and follow the rules!

If you have any questions let us know at

Colocation Providers

  • Centeris Datacenters (via Spectrum extension) - - 206-335-0171 -
  • KOMO Plaza:
    • Internap - Steve Francis - - 206-269-4359 -
    • TierPoint Seattle - - (888) 234-6781
  • Sabey:
  • Westin Building:

Additions/corrections to this list are welcome - email info_a_t

This list is provided for informational purposes. No endorsement is given or implied.

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