Welcome to the 2014 SIX Board election page.

The current bylaws of the Seattle Internet Exchange specifies that the Directors must be elected annually at the annual meeting of members.

On April 23rd, 2014 during the annual member meeting, the membership will elect a new Board of Directors for the following 12 month term by secret ballot.

Currently there are 5 Directors. Each ASN/member may submit one ballot with a vote for up to 5 candidates.

Ballots will be distributed at the meeting, but members not attending in person may email the Secretary your proxy votes at info _a_t_ seattleix.net before 3:30pm Pacific on April 23rd. (ballot below)

The current slate of candidates for 2014 are:

Scott Ehnert / Infrastructure Manager / Marchex
Scott Ehnert is the Infrastructure Manager at Marchex, AS 40495. Previously Scott has served on the NANOG Communications Committee, been CTO at Spectrum Networks, AS11404, and Director of Network Engineering at Speakeasy, AS23504. Scott has been a participant at the SIX since 2000.

Patrick W. Gilmore / Chief Technology Officer / Markley Cloud Services
Patrick Gilmore is CTO of Markley Cloud Services, an IaaS provider which is part of Markley Group, owner of the largest carrier hotel / colocation provider in New England. MCS also owns & operates the Boston Internet Exchange. Prior to MCS, Patrick was Chief Network Architect at Akamai Technologies, where he worked for over 13 years. Patrick has also held management & architecture positions at Priori Networks, Onyx Networks, and Concentric Networks, all national or international backbone providers. In addition to the SIX Board, Patrick sits on boards for the London Internet Exchange and the PeeringDB.

Nick Guy / Director of Networking / Noel Communications
Nick is the Director of Networking for Noel Communications, AS26935. Prior to Noel he worked at NoaNet, Semaphore and Northwest Link where he started fixing networks in 1996. For many years prior to 1996 he worked for human service agencies in Seattle. He also volunteers at the SIX as a Technical Advisor.

Nikos Mouat / Director of Technology / Tierpoint Seattle
Nikos Mouat is the Director of Technology at Tierpoint Seattle (formerly Adhost Internet), AS 11274 and also maintains AS30340 (Tierpoint), and AS3601 (Mouat's Technology Services). Nikos is a founder of the SIX and has been an officer of the corporation since founding, on the Board since founding, and President since 2003. He has over 20 years experience in Internet engineering, architecture and operations.

Mike Smith / VP of Network Engineering / Edgecast Networks
Mike is VP of Network Engineering at Edgecast Networks and has been a Technical Advisor to the SIX Board for many years. He is also the Chair of the NANOG Board of Directors. In the past, he was the CTO of Adhost and held senior engineering positions at NoaNet, Semaphore and Northwest Link. He has been connecting active participants to the SIX since 1997.

The opening of voting will be announced during the annual membership meeting. Once voting starts, no further proxies will be accepted via email.

Once all ballots are collected at the meeting, voting will close and the secretary will tally votes and announce the new Board of Directors.


SIX Board of Directors Election 2014 Ballot

Please refer to:


for short biographies of the candidates for the SIX Board of Directors.

Email your completed ballot to info@seattleix.net before 3:30pm on April
23rd, or vote on paper at the meeting.


________ ASN (one ballot per member ASN)


You may vote for up to 5 of the following candidates for the SIX Board of
Directors. Put an X next to up to 5 of the below candidates. (* == incumbent)

____ Scott Ehnert*
     (representing member Marchex/AS40495)

____ Patrick W. Gilmore*
     (not representing a member)

____ Nick Guy*
     (representing member Noel Communications/AS26935)

____ Nikos Mouat*
     (representing members Tierpoint Seattle/AS11274, Tierpoint/AS30340, Mouat's Technology Services/AS3601)

____ Mike Smith*
     (representing member Edgecast Networks/AS15133)

____ write-in: _____________________________

____ write-in: _____________________________