Updated: Fri Apr 21 01:59:47 UTC 2023

Seattle Internet Exchange Voter's Guide for Board of Directors Election April 15th through 29th 2023 UTC

Bylaws at https://www.seattleix.net/docs/20170418_Bylaws.pdf define Membership:

  • "In order to qualify for membership a member shall be an operator of an Internet protocol network which has one or more direct connections to the Corporation's switches. A member may be elected or appointed to membership by the Board. Members may have such other qualifications as the Board may prescribe by amendment to these Bylaws."

Each Member may submit one ballot. We are employing Single Transferable Vote (STV) as the voting system. This means that you rank your candidate preferences from most preferred to least preferred. You do not need to rank all the candidates. A later ballot from a representative of a Member will replace a previous ballot from the same Member.

There are 5 seats on the Board of Directors, 3 of which are up for election this year. A Director term is 2 years.

The following schedule applies to Board elections:

  • Through April 14th 23:59:59 UTC 2023: Candidates may submit their candidacy and a maximum 300 word statement, as determined by the POSIX "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 wc -w" command, or revisions to their statement, to secretary@seattleix.net.

  • Through April 14th 23:59:59 UTC 2023: A supporter of a candidate may submit or retract/revise a maximum 150 word endorsement of a candidate, as determined by the POSIX "LANG=en_US.UTF-8 wc -w" command, to secretary@seattleix.net. The Secretary will send it to the candidate, and if approved by the candidate before the cut-off, it will be reachable from the voter's guide.

  • April 15th 2023: A voter registration form will be sent to the SIX "announce@" and "members@" mailing lists. (subscription details: https://www.seattleix.net/faq#ml)

  • April 15th through 29th 23:59 UTC 2023: Voting. (Registrations received after April 28th UTC are not guaranteed to be processed in time for the April 29th 23:59 UTC voting deadline.)

List of Candidates:

Election Results:


  • Erica Hughes Ehnert statement:

    • For 20 years I have been an active member of the SIX through companies large and small.  An important focus of mine is serving the community at large. I have chosen to serve by focusing on how we can maintain an exchange that truly serves the needs of the internet community. I bring a round set of technical skills from many different size and type of networks. I utilize these skills to assist the SIX in its growth and the challenges that exist with operating a large exchange. Since 2015 it has been my pleasure to serve as a SIX board member and provide pager backup. I believe I have much left to offer the membership and the community.

      Thank you for your consideration

      Erica Hughes Ehnert

  • Nikos Mouat statement:

    • As one of the founders of the SIX, I have been continuously involved with the exchange since its inception as a 10M hub in my Westin suite in 1997 and involved in every key decision ever made. I have been a board member and officer since we incorporated in 2001, serving as President since 2003 (and Vice President prior). I have been the primary network architect for multiple organizations connected to the SIX as well as for mid to large sized datacenter organizations and a number of different internet service providers. Through these organizations I have been the point of contact for participation in other exchange points throughout the United States.

      I believe my experience throughout the SIX's history, involvement with a variety of peers, and participation at numerous other exchange points makes me an ideal candidate for re-election to the SIX board.

      Thank you for your consideration.

  • Steve Perry statement:

    • I have worked in the fiber telecom industry since 2000, during which time I spent many years with both the government and private sectors. I am the VP of Operations at Digital Fortress, a regional data center and colo provider in the PNW. I have served on the SIX board since 2021 and helped maintain the quality and accessibility we have all enjoyed. I feel it's crucial that the SIX retains its position as a thought leader in the interconnected world. I have experience working within governing bodies and have served on several boards, including chairing the Telecommunications Committee at the Washington PUD Association. I currently volunteer for the SIX as a backup for Chris Caputo and am familiar with the system. I want to help grow the SIX and continue making it an industry leader that the other IXs can emulate. I appreciate your consideration.


      Steve Perry

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