Seattle Internet Exchange
Annual Meeting
April 20th, 2023
DRAFT Minutes by Chris Caputo


Tom Aldworth, Clackamas ESD
Randy Bush, RGnet/PSGnet
Chris Caputo, SIX / Altopia / PeeringDB
C.J. Collier, Collier Technologies
Mike Crute, Pomona Consulting
Troy Davis
John E., SCN
Nathan Eisenberg, Atlas Networks
Katherine Giardina, Edgio
Patrick W. Gilmore, SIX / Meta
Nick Guy
Peter Helmenstine, Digital Realty
Mike Hippert, Online Technology Exchange / OTXI
Erica Hughes Ehnert, SIX / Edgio
Chandler Hume, Threshold Communications
Jeremy Lumby, Minnesota VoIP
Bryce Malan, Ausra
Nikos Mouat, SIX / Mouat's Technology Services
Caleb Pal, Pal Communications
Aditya Pathak, Google
Steve Perry, SIX / Digital Fortress
Amber Pham, NWAX
Giorgio Pranzo, Atlas Networks
Kyle Quilliam, Blue Origin
Evan Roelofs, Blue Origin
Chris Rogers, CacheFly
David Sinn, Pacific Northwest Gigapop
Michael Smith, Netflix
Kevin Wallace,
Aaron Wendel, NOCIX

Call To Order by Nikos Mouat at 3:02pm.

Approval of minutes from last year's meeting moved by Randy Bush, and seconded by Chandler Hume. Passed by acclamation and without objection.

Financial update by Chris Caputo.

A finances report was shared earlier this week and is available on the web:

Chris added that the report failed to mention that over $1M of SIX cash is now in accounts (CDs and savings) earning at least 3%.

Bank accounts are reconciled monthly. Tax-exempt filing in May.

Huge appreciation voiced for the donors!

Chris voiced that questions about the finances report or any aspect of SIX finances are welcome both at the annual meeting and via email.

No questions.

Operational update by Chris Caputo.

Chris voiced that he thinks things are going well, but welcomes feedback from the community regarding areas we need to improve.

At the Westin, we are working with Digital Realty Trust (DRT) toward a formal building agreement. DRT has communicated that they understand the value of the SIX and that an agreement is in the works.

At KOMO Plaza, Evocative, the company that bought Internap's colo facility at KOMO Plaza, is now donating 2x diverse UPS-backed power. This is in addition to GI Property's donation of UPS-backed power, which means the Arista 7504 chassis switch at KOMO Plaza is now robustly supported by diverse power sources, much like at the Westin. Donors are honored on the SIX contributors web page including those at all SIX building locations.

In the last year, the ISL between then Westin and KOMO Plaza was upgraded to 1.2 Tbps. It consists of three 400G circuits. The old 1RU switch at KOMO Plaza was retired.

A lot of the member count increase in the last year has been due to folks joining at various extensions, while the bulk of new port allocations are due to folks upgrading from 10G to 100G or moving from one data center to another. I expect both trends will continue especially as cross-connect pricing changes affect network design.

In addition to services provided by Chris Caputo, there are three volunteers on standby: Erica Hughes Ehnert, Nikos Mouat, and Steve Perry. Appreciation to them.

Chandler Hume asked a question about cross-connect fees at the Westin. Chris indicated that the SIX is working on an agreement with DRT with the goal of the organization being exempt from fees. Peter Helmenstine (DRT) concurred.

Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.

Randy Bush returned to the discussion of cross-connect fees. Pete Helmenstine indicated cross-connect fees are subject to negotiation and folks should reach out to their respective account representative.

Board of Directors Election.

It was moved by C.J. Collier, and seconded by Nathan Eisenberg, that:

"The Members hereby elect Erica Hughes Ehnert, Nikos Mouat, and Steve Perry to the Board of directors open seats 1, 3, and 5, respectively."

Passed by acclamation and without objection.

Adjourn at 3:18pm.