The SIX topology consists of a set of core switches managed by the SIX ops team, along with a number of extension switches (extensions) operated by third-parties, sometimes with assistance from the SIX ops team.

It is recommended that you connect directly to a core switch, if able. Instructions for doing so are here.

Extensions may charge participants to connect. Contact them for details.

Switch Location Uplink Make/Model Member Routers MTU9k Blackhole ACL Contact
SIX Core: Westin 1/10/100GbE Westin 1 Tbps Arista 7512R   Yes Yes
SIX Core: Westin 1/10/100GbE Westin 1 Tbps Arista 7508R   Yes Yes
SIX Core: KOMO Plaza KOMO Plaza 300 Gbps Arista 7280SR-48C6   Yes Yes
SIX Core: Sabey Intergate Sabey Intergate 300 Gbps Arista 7280SR-48C6   Yes Yes
Extension: Archeo Futurus H5 Data Centers Seattle 200 Gbps Mellanox   Yes No
Extension: Equinix Seattle 200 Gbps Arista   No No (813) 207-7700
Extension: IX Reach (was Console/IIX) Worldwide WAN 10 Gbps Avaya VSP 7024   Yes No
Extension: Minnesota VoIP Minneapolis 50 Gbps Arista 7050S-64   Yes No
Extension: NOCIX (Not yet available) North Kansas City, MO 20 Gbps Arista 7504E   Yes No
Extension: Ptera Spokane 20 Gbps Cisco Nexus 3064-Xs   Yes No
Extension: Wave Division Holdings (was Spectrum)   40 Gbps Cisco ASR 9000s   Yes No Rebecca Warren
(206) 276-1731
Extension: Wowrack Tukwila 200 Gbps Dell Force10 S5148-ONs and S4810s   Yes No

SIX Topology