Cost savings – Check

Prompt/Reliable Support – Check

Tools to validate your routes – Check

The SIX was the first IXP that ViaSat AS7155 connected to, and hands down has the most robust support and tooling combined for us as a member to ensure we’re advertising prefixes correctly. The member base itself provides us a significant cost savings and improved customer QOI, and we’ll continue to grow our peering as the exchange itself grows.

-- Nate Todd, Global Connectivity - Transport, ViaSat, January 2024

The SIX offers us a better IX experience than a commercial IX.

-- Milton Ngan, Valve Software, March 2023

Seattle has been growing exponentially. It has one of the best-governed Internet exchanges in the world, making this city attractive for companies to deploy their edge POP to reach not only the northwestern US but also the western part of Canada.

-- Mehmet Akcin, Infrapedia, November 2019

Netflix firmly believes in the criticality of Internet Exchange Points and is pleased to help the SIX with this important evolution of their platform. The excellent work of the SIX Board and Operations team sets the standard for IXPs worldwide.

-- Dave Temkin, Netflix, August 2016

We, as54540, joined the route servers last night and instantly saw our SIX traffic double from 500-600mbit/sec to 1100-1200mbit/sec. 2 minutes work for increased value of our 10gig six port. I think an email blast, and maybe a phone call to larger members, encouraging them to join the route servers would benefit all. There are a lot of younger and/or busier network admins that simply haven't realized the benefit of the route servers yet.

-- Gordon,, February 2015

If it weren't for peering through the Exchange, our bandwidth costs would be three to five times higher.

-- Glenn Butler, iFiber Communications, October 2013

The Seattle Internet Exchange is a valued component of the Pacific Northwest Gigapop network that helps us to manage and operate our network efficiently and cost-effectively. The SIX team is responsive, capable and friendly to work with. Pacific Northwest Gigapop has been a member of the SIX since 2001.

-- Pacific Northwest Gigapop, July 2009

New Edge peers with a number of mid-size to large organizations all over the United States, and over the last 9 years we've had a number of dealings with virtually all of them. It is with those experiences in mind that I am happy to report that our technical interactions with the SIX greatly exceeded our expectations. We found the SIX engineers to be friendly, extremely competent, knowledgeable, communicative, and without exception willing to go the extra mile to help resolve our issue. The speed and caliber of the assistance we received as well as the apropos follow-up contact from the SIX conveyed a professionalism that New Edge Networks appreciates very much. We are pleased to peer with the SIX, and look forward to continuing our relationship in the future.

-- Kenji Sevy, Operations Engineer, New Edge Networks, August 2008

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