Since this is a cooperative effort, the rules are pretty basic.:

  • Peering is bilateral with the exception of route servers. There is no MLPA.
  • BGP-4 or successor is used for peering and peers must set NEXT_HOP_SELF if advertising routes from other SIX participants.
  • Participants may not point default or otherwise use another participant's resources without permission.
  • Broadcast traffic may not delivered to the exchange, except as needed for normal operation and troubleshooting.
  • Participants may not sniff traffic between other participants.

Press Release Policy:

  • If your organization plans to release press releases specifically mentioning the Seattle Internet Exchange, please coordinate with the SIX staff as a courtesy prior to doing so. Emailing to is the best method of contact. In addition, please keep in mind that SIX membership does not grant organizations any rights to use other member's names, logos, or other information.

Switch Interconnection (Extension) Policies:

  • Members may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port allocated from the SIX switch fabric unless by prior agreement of the board. The procedure for interconnecting a layer-2 device to the SIX shall be as follows: a technical proposal shall be made to the board, accompanied by full documentation. This documentation shall be published on the announcement mailing list and the SIX web site for comment by the members and the public for a period of no less than two weeks, whereupon the board shall determine whether the operator is allowed to perform the proposed interconnection. No more than one such proposal shall be entertained at a time, and any subsequent modifications to the interconnected equipment shall be similarly approved by the board. The operator shall be responsible for maintaining any required documentation of all layer-2 devices comprising the switch fabric, and such documentation shall always be available to SIX operations volunteers.
  • Whereas extension operators have certain responsibilities toward their users and the community at large, and whereas industry standard 5-minute sampling techniques mask microbursts of traffic:
    • Extension circuits peaking above the upgrade threshold of 66% utilization (5-minute sample) should work with the SIX team to have capacity increased to bring peak utilization under the upgrade threshold. The cost for upgrades is to be borne by the extension operator.
    • The connection procedure for new participants on an extension will include ensuring that month peak utilization is below the upgrade threshold.
    • The SIX operators will notify an extension when additional capacity is needed, but extension operators should also monitor their utilization and be proactive.
    • If an extension circuit peaks above the notification threshold of 90% utilization, or if there is active packet loss, the SIX operators will notify the participants on the extension so they may mitigate traffic as appropriate for their network.