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Port Fee Changes for 2020

Seattle, Washington (December 18th, 2019) - The Seattle Internet Exchange (SIX) is pleased to announce port fee changes for 2020.

The SIX Board/advisors, factoring in growth, revenue, savings, and future needs, has come to the conclusion that fee reductions are appropriate. We believe these new IXP fees are some of the lowest, if not the lowest, of any major (top 20) IXP in the world.(*)

The following one-time Non-Recurring Charge (NRC) fees/changes are effective January 1st, 2020. There is no Monthly Recurring Charge (MRC) at the SIX.:

  • 1GbE:
    • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate & Westin Building:
      • 1st port remains $100.
      • 2nd port remains $100 if >50% usage, else $500.
      • 3rd port lowers from $2k to $1.5k.
  • 10GbE:
    • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate & Westin Building:
      • Lowers from $2k to $1.5k.
  • 100GbE (and 40GbE)::
    • KOMO Plaza & Sabey Intergate & Westin Building:
      • Lowers from $10k to $7.5k.
  • Port fee is determined by pricing current on the date of LOA issuance or port configuration by SIX admins, whichever is earliest. Thus a circuit allocated prior to 2020 will be subject to previous fees, while a circuit allocated after the new fees take effect, will have the new fees.

Details at:

We believe these changes will encourage further growth of the community in a sustainable fashion.

The SIX Crew

*: "IXP megabit/sec cost (Job Snijders / Samer Abdel-Hafez / Marty Strong / Charlie Alom / Massimiliano Stucchi)"