Seattle Internet Exchange
Annual Meeting
April 1st, 2021
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 20th, 2022


Jeff Anderson,
Michael Boyle, Digital Realty
Seth Bunce, Cruise Automations
Randy Bush, RGnet/PSGnet
Chris Caputo, SIX / Altopia / PeeringDB
Mike Crute, Pomona Consulting
Troy Davis
Erica Ehnert, SIX / Limelight Networks
Patrick W. Gilmore, SIX / Deep Edge
Victor Gonzalez, 365 Data Centers
Justin Hammond, Lunavi
Peter Helmenstine, Digital Realty
Chandler Hume, Threshold Communications
Chris Johnson, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Bryan Jong, Bigleaf Networks, Inc.
Eric Kuhnke
Steve Milton, Colo NW / ISOMEDIA
Falcon Momot, Cryoflesh Inc.
Nikos Mouat, SIX / Mouat's Technology Services, Inc.
Jim Muggli, Kentik
Caleb Pal, Pal Communications
Steve Perry, Wholesail Networks / Ziply
Chris Rogers, CacheFly
John van Oppen, SIX / Campus Colo / Wholesail Networks / Ziply

Call To Order by Nikos Mouat at 3:03pm.

Approval of minutes from last year's meeting moved by Randy Bush, and seconded by John van Oppen. Passed by acclamation and without objection.

Financial update by Chris Caputo.

Finances are sound. Reserves continue to grow to help with unanticipated expenses. Bank accounts are reconciled monthly. Tax-exempt filing in May.

Huge appreciation voiced for the donors!

Operational update by Chris Caputo.

All well.

No major hardware changes in the last year.

Route server filtering page has received praise:

In addition to services provided by Chris Caputo, there are three volunteers on standby: Erica Ehnert, Nikos Mouat, and Steve Perry. Appreciation to them.

Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.

Board of Directors Election.

Call for candidates went out today:

Voting will be in the second half of April.

Adjourn at 3:27pm. Positive feedback about how the SIX does things, was received from a number of attendees.