Seattle Internet Exchange
Annual Meeting
April 23rd, 2024
DRAFT Minutes by Chris Caputo


Britt ?
Dave ?
Kevin ?
Marvin ?
Josh Black, Mountain West Technologies
Michael Boyle, Digital Realty
Randy Bush, RGnet / PSGnet
Micah Byers, Broadcom SASE / VMware
Chris Caputo, SIX / Altopia / PeeringDB
John Carpenter, TierPoint
Leighton Clarke, Atlas Networks
Steve Corbato, Link Oregon / NWAX Board
Mike Crute, Pomona Consulting
Duran Dunn, Mountain West Technologies
Nathan Eisenberg, Atlas Networks
John Elliott, SCN
Maclin Fuehr-Bush, Rock Island Communications
Andrew Gee, Tech Futures
Katherine Giardina, Edgio
Brian Gladney, VeriSign
Justin Hammond, Lunavi
Jay Hanke, MICE / QCIX
Peter Helmenstine, Digital Realty
Erica Hughes Ehnert, SIX / Edgio
Chandler Hume, Threshold Communications
Jacob Johnson, ETS Telecommunications LLC (DBA: ETS Telco)
George Kemper
Adam Korab, MIDnet
Jeremy Lumby, Minnesota VoIP
Nikos Mouat, SIX / Mouat's Technology Services
Caleb Pal, Pal Communications
Amber Pham, NWAX
Kyle Quilliam, Blue Origin
Eric Rosenberry, Wholesail Networks / Ziply Fiber
David Sinn, Pacific Northwest Gigapop
Michael Smith, Netflix
Nate Todd, ViaSat
Gaurab Upadhaya, Amazon
Josh Van Dyk, Salish Networks
John van Oppen, Campus Colo / Wholesail Networks / Ziply Fiber
Kevin Wallace,
Aaron Wendel, NOCIX

Call To Order by Nikos Mouat at 3:01pm.

Highlights of the last year: A lease extension at Sabey and, for the first time ever, a lease at the Westin Building. Both are zero cost.

Approval of minutes from last year's meeting moved by Chandler Hume, and seconded by David Sinn. Passed by acclamation and without objection.

Operational update by Chris Caputo.

The switch at Sabey was upgraded to a chassis in the form of an Arista 7504 in February.

A new IPv4 /22 has been allocated by ARIN. The jumbo VLAN will renumber to it. Once that is completed, the standard VLAN will have its IPv4 subnet expanded from a /23 to a /22 with no renumbering.

Arista support extensions for the Arista 7508R and Arista 7512R are being discussed with Arista.

The SIX currently consists of 371 member ASNs, with 444 routers. There are 3x 400G, 181x 100G, 229x 10G, and 26x 1G ports.

The SIX is arguably the 10th or 11th largest IXP in the world using any of these metrics: member count, aggregate traffic, average traffic.

If the SIX is working well for your network, make sure to recruit nearby networks to join, so that you can mutually benefit.

In addition to paid services provided by Chris Caputo, there are three volunteers on standby: Erica Hughes Ehnert, Nikos Mouat, and Steve Perry. Appreciation to them.

Brian Gladney asked about a timetable for the renumbering of the jumbo VLAN and expansion of the standard VLAN to a /22. Chris indicated a timetable has not yet been set, but he expects to recommend to the board that it happen in 2024. John van Oppen pointed out the need to make sure full /22 reachability among all route server users is in place prior to making allocations in the upper /23 of the standard VLAN.

Brian Gladney also asked about the relationship with the Westin Building. Chris provided background, and indicated the Westin lease with Digital Realty includes extensions out to 15 years, and is zero cost. Donated power continues from Digital Realty, Lunavi, and ISOMEDIA/ColoNW.

Chris added that KOMO Plaza is also covered by an agreement. Thus all three locations with SIX-managed switches are covered by zero cost agreements.

Financial update by Chris Caputo.

A finances report was shared earlier this week and is available on the web:

Chris believes the finances are in good shape and that the current fee structure continues to fund ongoing expenses.

Tax-exempt filing in May.

Chris reviewed replacement costs and insurance coverage.

Chris reviewed port availability on the core switches.

Question about donations of Arista gear.

Question about 400G growth prospects. John van Oppen pointed out that the decision regarding use of 100G or 400G ports is largely driven by cross-connect costs. David Sinn concurred.

Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.

Chris asked for feedback. Positive comments received from Nate Todd and Brian Gladney.

John van Oppen asked about VXLAN. Nikos indicated at this time we are favoring simplicity.

Discussion about extensions.

Board of Directors Election.

Ballots went out on April 15th. Voting continues through April 29th UTC.

Adjourn at 3:41pm.