Seattle Internet Exchange
Annual Meeting
April 20th, 2022
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 20th, 2023


Jeff Anderson,
Jeff Bartig, Internet2
Michael Boyle, Digital Realty
Randy Bush, RGnet/PSGnet
Chris Caputo, SIX / Altopia / PeeringDB
C.J. Collier, Collier Technologies
Mike Crute, Pomona Consulting
Erica Ehnert, SIX / Limelight Networks
Nathan Eisenberg, Atlas Networks
Isam Fares, Salish Networks
Andrew Ferguson, Fergcorp
Travis Fincham, Key Cooperative
Ruben Garbade, iFog
Patrick W. Gilmore, SIX / Meta
Justin Hammond, Lunavi
Peter Helmenstine, Digital Realty
Chandler Hume, Threshold Communications
Bryan Jong, Bigleaf Networks, Inc.
Kanda Kohei, SAKURA internet
Erik Kuhnke, Honest Networks
Jeremy Lumby, Minnesota VoIP
Ryan McCully, Spartan Host
Dave McGaugh,
Jesse Myhre, Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative
Nikos Mouat, SIX / Mouat's Technology Services
Steve Perry, SIX / Wholesail Networks / Ziply
Chris Rogers, CacheFly
David Sinn, Pacific Northwest Gigapop
Michael Smith, Netflix
Jonathan Stewart, LES.NET
Vincent Tocco, SpaceX - Starlink
John van Oppen, SIX / Campus Colo / Wholesail Networks / Ziply
Kevin Wallace,
Mike Wittenberger, Lunavi

Call To Order by Nikos Mouat at 3:04pm.

Approval of minutes from last year's meeting moved by Steve Perry, and seconded by C.J. Collier. Passed by acclamation and without objection.

Financial update by Chris Caputo.

Finances are sound. Reserves continue to grow to help with unanticipated expenses. Bank accounts are reconciled monthly. Tax-exempt filing in May.

Huge appreciation voiced for the donors!

No questions.

Operational update by Chris Caputo.

A 400G upgrade at the Westin and KOMO Plaza is well underway. A new Arista 7800R3 series eight line card switch at the Westin and an Arista 7500R3 series four line card switch at KOMO Plaza.

The KOMO Plaza switch is the first SIX-managed chassis outside of the Westin.

The Arista 7808R3 provides a path to 800G services at the Westin in the coming years.

The Inter-Switch Link (ISL) between the Westin and KOMO Plaza will soon be 3x400G (1.2 Tbs).

The first two 400G circuits used by a member are being beta tested and are expected to be in production soon.

400G ports are $15k each and available now. LR4 signaling.

Static MAC addresses began being employed on the switches in the last year, using a program developed in-house to automate their implementation.

The Arista 7512R had a maintenance software update in October to gain persistent static MAC addresses for port-channels after a link-down event (a feature Arista implemented at our request) and also to enable support for the optics needed for the ISL with the Arista 7808R3 400G switch using DR4/DR optics.

There were no other major operational changes in the last year. We feel that our goal of financial and operational stability has been achieved.

In addition to services provided by Chris Caputo, there are three volunteers on standby: Erica Ehnert, Nikos Mouat, and Steve Perry. Appreciation to them.

Question about equipment lead times: Chris confirmed that lead times are long and that we order equipment months ahead of need.

Question about support for the aging Arista 7508R which is expiring this September: Chris voiced awareness of the upcoming expiration and noted that Arista may not offer further support. Chris indicated that we have hardware spares for the gear in this switch. Nikos said that we tend to buy support through the expected End-of-Life of a switch, at the time of purchase.

Question about whether additional admin volunteers are needed: Chris clarified that he is paid by the SIX and that we are good with the existing three backup admins.

Question about plans for the MTU 9k Jumbo VLAN: Chris indicated that if the IPv4 /23 for the Standard VLAN gets fully utilized, we will need to expand it to a /22 using the IPv4 address space currently used by the Jumbo VLAN. This means there would be a renumbering of the IPv4 address space for the Jumbo VLAN. Chris indicated that there are no plans to end the Jumbo VLAN and that it remains a supported service of the SIX.

Board of Directors Election.

Ballots went out on April 15th. Voting continues through April 29th UTC.

Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.


Adjourn at 3:33pm.