Seattle Internet Exchange
Annual Meeting
April 3rd, 2017
Westin Building Conference Room on Floor 33
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 9th, 2018


In the room:

John Agnew, Wolfe / Accretive
Seth Bennett, Facebook
Frank Blankman, Amazon
Michael Boyle, Westin Building Exchange
Joshua Breeds, ServedBy the Net
Chris Caputo, Altopia / SIX
Erica Hughes Ehnert, Limelight Networks / SIX
Scott Ehnert, Moz / SIX
Nathan Eisenberg, Atlas Networks
Justin Hammond, Green House Data
Carl Holzboog, Marchex
Han Hwei Woo, Astute Hosting
Ben Kimsey, Wave Broadband
Eric Kuhnke, Noel
Marvin Kunkel, Wave Broadband
Nikos Mouat, SIX
Matthew Moyle-Croft, Amazon / SIX
Bruce Munro, Windwave
Webster Olson, Wave Broadband
Jimmy Pandra, Wowrack
Eric Rosenberry, Iovation
Michael Smith, Netflix
John van Oppen, Wave Broadband

On the phone:

Patrick Gilmore, Markley Cloud Services / SIX
Peter Helmenstine, Telx Group
Walt Wollny, Hurricane Electric / SIX

3:06pm: Call To Order by Nikos Mouat.

3:06pm: Introductions.

3:13pm: Approval of minutes from last year's meeting. Moved, seconded, and passed by acclamation and without objection.

3:14pm: Financial update/discussion.

3:17pm: Operational update/discussion.

3:24pm: Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.

3:30pm: Board elections. Erica Hughes Ehnert, Patrick W. Gilmore, and Nikos Mouat elected to seats expiring 2019.

3:32pm: Adjourn.