Seattle Internet Exchange, Inc.
Annual Meeting
April 28th, 2011
Westin Building Conference Room on Floor 16
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 26th, 2012


In the room (based on registration sheets):

Tom Taylor, AboveNet
Michael Smith, Adhost Internet / SIX
Tony Lum, AEBC Internet
Patrick Gilmore, Akamai
Chris Caputo, Altopia / SIX
Walt Wollny, Amazon
Raymond Lucke, Apvio
Jared Reimer, Cascadeo / SIX
Ophir Ronen, Cascadeo
C.J. Adams-Collier, Collier Technologies
Malcolm Mead, ColoCenters
Pat Myrto, ColoCenters
Mike Sawicki, Default Route
Erica Hughes Ehnert, Digital Forest
Aaron Seelye, Eltopia Communications
Ed Seiler, Fibercloud
John Springer, Inland Telephone
Sam Vaughan, IOActive
Eric Rosenberry, Iovation
Steve Milton, Isomedia
Jezzibell Gilmore, IX Reach
Ed McPherson, King County I-NET
Jed Stafford, MBC Telecom
Brandon Robare, NoaNET
Joe Wood, Puget Sound Telecom
Christopher Rogers, Real
Troy Davis, Seven Scale / SIX
Ron Grant, Skyway West
John van Oppen, Spectrum Networks
Phil McGuire, Spectrum Networks
Scott Ehnert, Spectrum Networks
Frank Hoonhout, State of Oregon
Henry Goss, Swift Communications
Tim Osburn, Threshold Communications
Michael Robinson, WCI
Erward Osckar,
Jimmy Pandra,
Nikos Mouat, Ygnition Networks / SIX

On the phone:

Andree Toonk, BCNET
Don McWilliam, BCNET
Marilyn Hay, BCNET
Toby Wong, BCNET
Paul Emmons, Internet Operating Services
James Hindman, MegaPath
Gary Wachniak, Trail Networks

3:00pm: Call To Order, Introductions and Welcome by Nikos Mouat.

3:02pm: Approval of minutes from last year's meeting. Moved, 2nd'ed and passed by acclamation and without objection.

3:04pm: Financial & Operations update/discussion.

3:09pm: Walt Wollny moved to approve the finances. 2nd'ed and passed by acclamation and without objection.

3:10pm: Operational update/discussion.

3:48pm: Items brought up by the members / Technical and Policy Q&A.

4:01pm: Board elections. Motion to re-elect Chris Caputo, Troy Davis, Patrick Gilmore, Nikos Mouat and Jared Reimer. 2nd'ed and passed by acclamation and without objection.

4:03pm: Further discussion.

4:08pm: Adjourn.