Seattle Internet Exchange, Inc.
Annual Meeting
April 25th, 2005
Westin Building Conference Room on Floor 20
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 25th, 2006


In the room (based on registration sheets):

Scott Ehnert, Accretive Networks
Chris Caputo, Altopia
Aaron Loehr, Bandwidth Advisors
Pat Myrto, Colocenters
Maggie Wright, Colocenters
Gabriel Cain, Dialup USA
Brian Smith, Dialup USA
James Kelly, Earthlink
Mike Denka, Fibercloud
Milissa Miller, Fibercloud
Ed Seiler, Fibercloud
Yale Wong, Fibercloud
Susan Forney, Microsoft
Darryl Dunkin, Network OS / Northwest Nexus
John Giordano, Network OS / Northwest Nexus
Chad Skidmore, OneEighty Networks, Inc.
Garrick Sturgill, Peer1
Chris Ellis, The River
Jared Reimer, The River
Troy Davis, Semaphore
Nikos Mouat, SIX
Henry Goss, Swift Communications
Christopher Quesada, Switch and Data
Michael Boyle, Westin Building
Lorenzo Hernandez, Westin Building
Tami Mutal, Westin Building
Jimmy Pandra, Wow Technologies (Wowrack)
Art Vacca

On the phone:

Gary Wachniak, Group Telecom / 360Networks

3:04pm: Call To Order and Welcome by Nikos Mouat.

3:05pm: Revision to 3.16 of the bylaws moved by Jared Reimer and 2nded by Susan Forney. Passed unanimously. Section 3.16 of the bylaws is now:

3.16 Action by Written Consent.
Any action required or permitted to be taken at a meeting of the Board of Directors may be accomplished without a meeting or a vote if one or more written consents setting forth the action to be taken shall be signed by all the directors and delivered to the Corporation for inclusion in the Corporation's records as if it were the minutes of a meeting of the Board of Directors. Action taken by the unanimous written consent is effective when the last director signs the consent, unless the consent specifies a later effective date.

3:07pm: Approval of minutes from last year's meeting. Moved, 2nded and passed.

3:07pm: Operational update by Troy Davis. Copy of handout at:

3:28pm: Financial update by Chris Caputo. Details at:

3:30pm: PAIX-SEA update from Christopher Quesada of Switch & Data.

3:34pm: Jared Reimer gave a brief update on WAISP (Washington Association of Internet Service Providers).

3:37pm: Chris Caputo mentioned there is a Domain Roundtable Conference happening in Seattle in May.

3:38pm: It was nominated and passed that the existing board consisting of Nikos Mouat, Jared Reimer and Chris Caputo be re-elected.

3:41pm: Motion to adjourn. 2nded and passed.