Seattle Internet Exchange, Inc.
Annual Meeting
May 2nd, 2003
Westin Building Conference Room on Floor 20
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, April 30th, 2004

2:10pm: Call To Order by Jared Reimer.

2:10pm: Welcome.

2:11pm: Introductions:

In the room (based on registration sheets):

Spencer Garrett, 2alpha
Scott Ehnert, Accretive Networks
Michael Robinson, Accretive Networks
Aaron Moreau-Cook, Acumen Associates
Chris Caputo, Altopia
Calvin Cochlan, CM2
Rudy Setiawan, Compass Communications
Ed Sieler, Compass Communications
Yale Wong, Compass Communications
Evan Webb, Cortland Communications
Allan Bennett, ISOMEDIA
Ryan Dancey, ISOMEDIA
Steve Milton, ISOMEDIA
Sarah Garfinkel, Microsoft
Eric Werner, Northwest Link
Mike Smith, Northwest Open Access Network
Jan Eveleth, Pacific Northwest Gigapop
Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House
Steve Gibbard, Packet Clearing House
Randy Bush, RGnet
Jared Reimer, The River Internet Access Co.
Troy Davis, Semaphore / Nack.Net
Roland Yeo, SingAREN
Chun Sing Kerk, SingAREN
Chin Kok Pua, SingAREN
Nikos Mouat, SIX
Leah Symekher, Switch & Data / PAIX
Jay Stewart, Zhonka
Dave Olson, Zhonka

On the phone:

Gary Wachniak, Group Telecom / 360Networks
Chad Skidmore, OneEighty Networks, Inc.
John van Oppen, Pocketinet Communications
Ren Nowlin, SBC Internet Services

2:13pm: Thanks to various.

2:14pm: Troy Davis gave a presentation regarding technical aspects of the exchange.  Equipment.  Donations.  Broadcast traffic analysis.  SIX as an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)!

2:32pm: Draft Switch Interconnection Policy:

"Members may only utilize a single layer-2 MAC address to place a single layer-3 router per port allocated from the SIX switch fabric unless by prior agreement of the board. The procedure for interconnecting a layer-2 device to the SIX shall be as follows: a technical proposal shall be made to the board, accompanied by full documentation. This documentation shall be published on the announcement mailing list and the SIX web site for comment by the members and the public for a period of no less than two weeks, whereupon the board shall determine whether the member is allowed to perform the proposed interconnection.  No more than one such proposal shall be entertained at a time, and any subsequent modifications to the interconnected equipment shall be similarly approved by the board. The member shall be responsible for maintaining any required documentation of all layer-2 devices comprising the switch fabric, and such documentation shall always be available to SIX operations volunteers."

2:32pm: Discussion of Draft Switch Interconnection Policy.

2:44pm: Chris Caputo moved that the Draft Switch Interconnection Policy become SIX Policy.  Nikos Mouat seconded the motion.  Discussion.  Motion PASSED with one abstention.

2:47pm: Discussion of IPv6.  A given SIX IPv6 address is 2001:0478:0180::[last-octet of SIX IPv4 address].

2:50pm: Nikos Mouat moved to approve minutes of 2002 annual meeting without change.  Jared Reimer seconded the motion.  Motion PASSED.

2:52pm: Discussion of multicast.

2:54pm: Discussion of possibly hosting a NANOG in Seattle.

3:01pm: Financial update by Chris Caputo.

3:05pm: Troy Davis talked about what kind of hardware is desired to be donated for the future evolution of the SIX.  Discussion.

3:08pm: Nomination by Troy Davis to re-elect the present board of directors.  Election of existing board (Jared Reimer, Nikos Mouat, Chris Caputo) PASSED with one abstention.

3:11pm: Break.

3:20pm: Return from break.

3:20pm: Bill Woodcock presented the INOC-DBA Inter-NOC Dial-by-ASN VoIP phone system.

4:01pm: Bill Woodcock presented "Internet Topology and Economics".

4:18pm: Leah Symekher gave an update on the PAIX-SIX interconnect.

4:23pm: Yale Wong gave an update on the Compass-SIX interconnect.

4:24pm: Steve Gibbard spoke about the new SingAREN-SIX interconnect.

4:25pm: Random discussion.

4:28pm: Nikos Mouat moved to adjourn.  Seconded.  Meeting adjourned.