Seattle Internet Exchange, Inc.
Annual Meeting
April 25th, 2002
Westin Building Conference Room on Floor 20
Minutes by Chris Caputo
Approved by Membership, May 2nd, 2003

2:02pm: Call To Order by Jared Reimer.

2:02pm: Welcome.

2:04pm: Introductions:

In the room (based on registration sheets):

Philip Attneave, King County I-Net
Jay Bains, Peer1 Network
Garth Brown, Semaphore Corporation
Chris Caputo, Altopia Corporation
Sean Carlin, Microsoft Corporation
Calvin Cochran, CM2.COM, Inc.
Troy Davis, Loudeye / Nack.Net, Inc.
Ed Doyne, Fisher Properties Inc.
Scott Ehnert, Accretive Networks, Inc.
Susan Forney, Microsoft Corporation
Spencer Garrett, 2alpha
John Giordano
Henry Goss, Swiftdesk
Mike Jackson, TSCNet Online Services
Sonja Krenz-Bush, ServNet Internet Services
Sean Lamont, ServNet Internet Services
Mike Levy, Cortland Electronics Corporation
Brent Lindell, Network OS / NW Nexus
Phil Matte,, Inc.
Mike McEachern,, Inc.
Nikos Mouat
Kurt Parent, Microsoft Corporation
Jared Reimer, The River Internet Access Co.
Ed Seiler, Compass Communications Inc.
Rudy Setiawan, Compass Communications Inc.
Sean Shapira, Jazzie Systems
Chad Skidmore, OneEighty Networks, Inc.
Gary Wachniak, Group Telecom
Eric Werner, Northwest Link
Yale Wong, Compass Communications Inc.
Joe Wood, Accretive Networks, Inc.
Bill Woodcock, Packet Clearing House

On the phone:

Eric Bell, Time Warner Telecom
Scott Call, Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.
John Harkin, Advanced TelCom Group, Inc.

2:07pm: Jared Reimer talked about the recent incorporation of the SIX.

2:08pm: Garth Brown talked about the SIX now being insured.

2:09pm: Comments about the domains, web page, and email.

2:11pm: Comments about the SIX IP address space.

2:16pm: Comments about the financial situation.

2:21pm: Comments about equipment currently desired.  Comments regarding use of GigE ports.  Need more GigE ports and 100FX ports.

2:34pm: Comments about cable clean-up job that was done by Semaphore.

2:36pm: Comments regarding single and multi-mode fiber jumpers between fiber meet-me room and SIX closet now available.

2:39pm: Comments regarding interconnect with PAIX-Seattle.  Invitation to tour SIX space and PAIX co-location space following the meeting.

2:53pm: Comments by Microsoft folks about their networks consolidating.

2:55pm: Comments regarding cabling by Garth Brown.

2:56pm: Comments regarding procedure for getting IP addresses allocated.

2:58pm: Various comments.

2:59pm: Election of new board of directors:

Motion by Garth Brown to keep existing board.  Seconded by Sean Shapira.  PASSED.

3:00pm: Motion to adjourn.  PASSED.